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We offer a catering service focused on freshness, seasonality and locally sourced produce. We travel to where you are.


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Simply Sebastião offers an original and bespoke catering service, focusing on the small but crucial details, and delivered by a veritable dream team dedicated to creating memorable experiences.
We share the same enthusiasm for food, spaces (or lack thereof), people, the weather outside (or inside) and we thrive on that moment of inspiration that creates a new recipe.
We have been promoting happiness for nearly a decade. We offer our services mostly in the Greater Lisbon region, but we are always ready to travel further afield.

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Weddings & Celebrations

Weddings and celebrations are the best days of our lives and our food adds a special touch of colour to the memories that linger. We seek to make our clients’ gastronomic dreams come true, bringing people together in a process whereby Chef Sebastião, along with his team, creates, develops and finalizes each delightful treat.

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Corporate Events

We provide a full catering service for company business lunches, workshops, conferences, inaugurations and thematic events.
This means that in addition to food and drink, we can also provide staff, equipment, decoration, light and sound.
We are passionate about developing new concepts and working with brands.

Street Food

We proudly introduce you to "a Traineira" (“The Trawler”), our project for the national Street Food movement. Although we are still in its early stages, we have come up with a unique idea in Portugal, namely that “Seaweed, Vegetables and Fish” form an irresistible combination, a traditional flavor. We find our purest essence when we are cooking on the street.

Interaction with people from around the world is extremely rewarding. We therefore strive to offer quality food with a memorable taste, texture and colour, that appeals to a wide audience and leaves a timeless mark. This is where we feel most in our element!

“We are neither explorers nor fishermen; we are captains of our ship and we chart our own passage”

The Story So Far...

Simply Sebastião was established in 2010, with a view to bringing down the barriers between the kitchen and the table. Chef Sebastião is at the helm of this project, a keen enthusiast of traditional Portuguese cuisine and the old stories told by those who sow, grow, harvest and sell all the ingredients he uses to create his dishes. These stories end up in his cooking pots, and, with the addition of colour and flavour, much conversation and laughter, lead to delightful meals and unique moments shared amongst those sitting at the table.

Our clients decide where to set the table.

"The Trawler” was launched in 2018. This is a veritable "kitchen on wheels", following a new concept so that we may cook wherever, possibly even where no one has ventured yet.

We find our inspiration in people. We find our passion in quality ingredients. We work in a sustainable manner. We visit local markets, avoid waste and are very keen on recycling.

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Chef Sebastião Castilho

Main Offices:
Rua S. José Lote 77 Arm. A,
2775-746 Carcavelos

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“never ending search of that special flavour”